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About The Foundation and Anthony Netto

netto“When learning how to walk, you have to stand up once more than you fall down. This applies for both a small child and an adult. It holds true for learning how to walk, but in a transferred sense, also for life itself. With a handicap it is an even steeper challenge. I have experienced that myself. For every physically handicapped person, the Paramobile is an important and valuable tool that gives you a bit more freedom.” – Anthony Netto

Golf as a Therapy

Handicaps and sickness imply a number of limitations: restricted performance, a sense of impossibility and, often as a consequence of these limitations, social exclusion. As a result, many chances, possibilities, and perspectives appear to be inaccessible.

When applied therapeutically, the sport of golf has been proven to encourage a person’s will, build self confidence, and provide a channel to break through this vicious circle. Although golf is still viewed by most as an elite sport, when properly applied, it can serve as a very successfully method of rehabilitation.

Golf as a therapy addresses the development of necessary coordination and the repetition of precise sequences of movements. Further, the mental challenges posed by the game stimulate one’s ability to focus and concentrate. Playing golf successfully raises a person’s self esteem and vitality. Finally, golf is social and fun.

Especially for the wheelchair bound and those suffering from amputation, golf provides a physiologically useful therapeutic method to train and strengthen weakened limbs. Even those with severely impaired vision or the blind can benefit from the therapeutic advantages of golf due to the fact that the ball rests on the ground, and the player must act but does not need to react.

About Anthony Netto

Anthony Netto is an international ambassador for challenged golf and the best wheelchair golfer in the world. He was born in South Africa in 1963 and has been using a wheelchair since the early 1990s. He plays golf actively with the aid of the Paramobile, which he developed with some friends. Anthony Netto is the ex-trainer of the German Disabled Golf Team, acts as an consultant for handicapped golfers worldwide, and is the initiator of the KidSwing program.