401 Danbury Road
New Milford, CT 06776

About Us

Candlewood Valley Country Club is proud of being one of three facilities in Connecticut who provide access to an onsite Paramobile Golf Cart for free.

We are active supporters of the Stand Up and Play Foundation and are committed to helping the physically challenged share in the joy of golf.

Last year we acquired three (3) Paramobile Golf Carts, and we are now raising funds so we may continue to offer use of the Paramobile at no cost to anyone who needs it.

The Paramobiles at Candlewood Valley Country Club in New Milford, CT are free to use by disabled veterans, paraplegics and quadriplegics, adults and children with neurological challenges, MS, CP, Parkinson’s, amputees, or even seniors with balance issues. All contributions to the Stand Up and Play Foundation are tax deductible. This device enables a person to be strapped in securely and then lifted to a standing position to swing the golf club from a natural position. This will be the second Paramobile available at a public course in Connecticut, and we hope to make this dream a reality for our disabled community.

The Stand Up and Play Foundation is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is changing the lives of wheelchair users and other individuals with disabilities with the Paramobile, an adaptive golf cart that allows them to stand up and play sports and engage in everyday activities. We provide the unique combination of the Paramobile, adaptive equipment and well trained volunteers to give users unimagined levels of freedom and independence. Our goal is to make the Paramobile and other mobility devices available at Candlewood Valley Country Club to any golfer who requires this type of golf cart.

Thanks to this piece of equipment, wheelchair users are discovering a new and unimagined level of freedom and independence. Being able to stand up boosts self-esteem – one can finally stand up facing others at eye level – and has a therapeutic effect. It promotes circulation and digestion, stimulates metabolism, stretches muscles, tendons, ligaments, reduces spasticity and enhances joint mobility.

The all-terrain Paramobile with its patented stand-up device combines practical know-how with innovative ideas for maximum playing fun. It can be driven on greens (with no damage to turf) and through sand bunkers. Its unequalled stability when the golfer is hitting the ball enables performance that is comparable to those of non-handicapped players. With its strong chassis frame, the Paramobile can cope with gradients of up to 30 degrees and sideways inclinations of about 17 degrees. The Paramobile will turn automatically into a safe position should these limits be exceeded. The design allows for an absolutely secure footing in any position.

We are partnering with local veterans groups, and rehabilitation facilities to let therapists and patients know that they have access to the Paramobile for a day at the golf course. Please note that any donations go directly to the Stand Up and Play Foundation and are tax deductible. The Paramobile will always be free of charge at Candlewood Valley Country Club through the Stand Up and Play Foundation.